Rodrick “The Motivator” Glover is a dynamic motivational speaker who has reached more than 100,000 youth and adults across the United States through workshops and dramatic productions. He has successfully transformed his life story from a one-man-show into a full-length drama production known as Motivations Drama.  Since its launch in 2000, Rodrick Glover & Motivations Drama has consisted of skits, songs, and dynamic motivational speaking. The primary focus of the production is to teach teens, young adults, single adults and parents how to prevent tobacco, drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, date rape, AIDS, STDs, unwanted pregnancy and making healthy life choices. 


Rodrick’s goal for each production is to promote an atmosphere of trust, love, and understanding for each person attending which in turn opens the door of acceptance to his message of overcoming drug abuse, alcohol abuse,  negative relationships and unhealthy decision making. 


Mr.Glover has also developed workshops for staff and parents that work with our youth at home and in the community.  These workshops are designed to motivate and encourage them to change negative behavior.  These workshops help them to develop more effective leadership and communication skills to lead our youth to success. 


“We must learn to work together and to respect and love each other, regardless of one’s race, religion or personal beliefs.”

Rodrick E. Glover & Motivations Drama Crew